At Offshore Base Scandinavia we conduct our operations through sustainable business practices. In terms of health, safety and environmental awareness (HSE) we firmly believe in following the absolute highest standards. This contributes to ensure a sound, viable and sustainable business within service solutions for the offshore oil & gas market.

The ports of Frederikshavn and Hirtshals and the 20 business partners strive to act according to the highest standards. Operationally, it is the responsibility of each network partner to prioritise and execute sustainability in their daily risk management, business decisions and operational procedures.

As a network we wish to lay a solid foundation for managing sustainable opportunities and risks and to secure sustainable operations and best in class rig services. Our aspiration is to ensure that all our network partners act according to our values and share the commitment to conduct business in an ethical, legal, environmental and socially responsible manner.

Waste management

The two ports of Hirtshals and Frederikshavn are dedicated green ports, which focus keenly on the environment, recycling and energy efficiency. Thus, the ports provide customised maritime waste management solutions with safe collection, processing, storage and disposal for vessels and offshore units in port. The ports comply with all safety & environmental standards and maritime waste regulations at all times.

Thereby, the ports ensure that removal and disposal of operational, cargo, oil and repair waste is done according to the existing environmental requirements. With the establishment of efficient arrangements for receiving waste, the ports wish to achieve a positive environmental effect by responsible handling of all waste. Their objectives are to make it easy for vessels, offshore units etc. to get rid of their waste. Thus, both ports ensure that their port areas always appear tidy and provide safe working conditions.

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