Strandby Net A/S

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Strandby Net – Vónin Offshore is a well-established company and is well-known for its quality products.

We are a part of the large Vónin Group, which has a good network of service stations across the North Atlantic.

Our products and services

  • Lifting equipment
    Chain and wire slings as well as polyester slings and belts
  • Ropes
    High performance ropes as well as ropes for regular use
  • Nets
    Safety nets, lifting nets, container nets, fence nets or whatever net you need
  • Wire spooling
    We are equipped with wire spooling devices
  • Hardware
    A wide variety of hardware such as shackles, chain, hooks, connectors, blocks, swivels etc.
  • Other products
    Floats, fenders, working clothes, etc.

Strandby Net A/S
Sildevej 24
DK – 9970 Strandby

Tel: +45 9848 1300