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Cleaning and service tasks

Since RC was founded in 1999, we have established major experience in the field of cleaning and service tasks, such as:

  • Common cleaning for business companies, the public sector and institutions, which also includes extensive clean-up and other special tasks and services
  • Industrial cleaning, which includes special cleaning of machinery and equipment
  • All kinds of cleaning and other service tasks on ships
  • Cleaning and preparation for coating on ships
  • Coating on ships
  • Special projects/tasks, which require dehumidification, suction, pressure washing or other special experience and machinery
  • Hydro wash
  • Ice blasting
  • Test for mold and mold redevelopment
  • Smell redevelopment
  • Moisture measurement
  • Cleaning of ventilation systems
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Cleaning and other service tasks after fire, water and other kinds of damages

We have our own chemistry and cleaning detergents produced for use in-house, but also for resale. Our selection covers all requirements within the cleaning tasks.

We make a point to fulfil all tasks – big and small – to our customers’ satisfaction. Thereby, our motto is: ”We strengthen our customers!”

Rengøring Consortie ApS
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