Health, Safety & Environment

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At Offshore Base Scandinavia we consider health, safety and environmental performance (HSE) essential for our ability to conduct business and to be competitive in servicing the rig market worldwide. We guarantee that HSE is carefully integrated into the daily management and operational practices of our network partners in their services.

People and the environment are our most important assets, and their safety are our greatest responsibility. Therefore, safety of people and protection of the environment are major considerations in the operation of our business partners. Each company is accountable for conducting operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner at all times. Thus, we are committed to maintaining and continually improving our health, safety and environmental performance.


We prioritise people’s health. Therefore, we are committed to minimising risk exposure to the employees’ health during their work assignments. We assess the health risk in our operations and take preventative action if necessary to ensure the safety of our employees.


We put safety of people first, which is why safety is one of our core values. Our wish is to ensure a healthy, safe and secure workplace among our business partners and their employees. Therefore, we strive towards incident-free workplaces avoiding hazards when conducting our operations and completing each task without harm to our people or the environment.


We are fully committed to preserving the environment with strict adherence to all applicable laws and industry recommended practices. So when you work with us, you can be sure that all environmental laws and recommendations are followed. It is our duty to respect and be aware of the environment around us and to ensure that our activities do not adversely affect it. Thereby, we aim to minimise our impact on the environment by operating responsibly and safely.