Port of Frederikshavn


The Port of Frederikshavn is today already an enterprising traffic port, but has taken a strategic decision to go further in the offshore industry and other sectors. Not least because they experience a genuine demand from the entire offshore sector.

Companies at and near the Port of Frederikshavn currently cover all the facilities for servicing, repairing and refurbishing offshore units.

Port enlargement

Port of Frederikshavn wants to constantly help to meet the industry’s unique challenges and needs and, with the new port enlargement project, the Port of Frederikshavn will be capable of receiving bigger ships and offshore installations already in 2017. For instance, the port enlargement will deepen basin depths to 11 metres, lengthen wharves, widen the entrance to 200 metres and increase the wharf areas.

Navigable at all times

Frederikshavn is attractive to the offshore industry due to its good location in relation to many of the oil and gas fields in the North Sea, a world-calibre maritime service industry and the convenient weather conditions prevailing on the east coast of Northern Jutland, which makes the port navigable at all times.

Port of Frederikshavn
Oliepieren 7
DK – 9900 Frederikshavn

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